Maker Faire Bay Area 2012

Gon KiRin

Location: West Lot 31

Gon KiRin is a steel dragon sculpture/ interactive kinetic playground built on the frame of a 1963 dump truck. Nearly 60' long and 26' tall, she spews over 10' of flames. Gon KiRin is the brainchild of LED artist Teddy Lo and kinetic sculptor Ryan C. Doyle.


Project photo.

About the Maker(s)

Ryan C Doyle and Teddy Lo

...with the help of Jason Fitzgerald, Ryan Carmicheal, Leif Krinkle, Sarah Sue Simeon, Brad Silvernale, Lisa Nigro, Jahn Filthe, Joshua Goldberg, Ben Mortimer, Cami, Steve Valdez, Cassandra Marshall, Harrison Bartlett, Monica Canilao, Benjamin Burke, Kenny Lo and many others.

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