Maker Faire Detroit 2010

dja A4 Electric Vehicle

This is a three-wheeled electric vehicle that is powered by two synchronus PWM permanent magnet motors driving the rear wheels. It has a very slippery exterior shape that has a Cd of only .12 . I made it with the intent of commuting to work in it. The body is all carbon, kevlar and epoxy matrix. The total CO footprint of this baby should be really really low. It can achieve highway speeds and has an estimated range of 140 miles per charge. It can be charged at home off the regular 120VAC outlets. It uses motorcycle-type disc brakes and a toothed-belt drive system.


Project photo.

About the Maker(s)

Douglas Amick

- Amick Global

hybrid vehicle designer and builder Douglas J. Amick, co-creator of the original Windmobile wind-powered vehicle. Douglas J. Amick, inventor and developer of the Tethered Wind Turbine and designer/builder of the A4 Solitair solar-electric wind-assisted hybrid

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